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Green Media Ads is offering FREE business listing to small businesses in Nigeria. Sign up here to list your small business on google and get a free website for your business.

What you'll get if you sign up now

Your business will be visible on Google.

Your products and services will be listed.

You’ll get a free website to showcase your offers.

Customers will be able to review/rate your business.

Are you in doubt?

We have listed and verified several businesses and we can do the same for you, take a look at our works.

Green Media Ads Businesses Listed on Google

Only the first 30 businesses will get this opportunity!

Since our team is doing all the work for FREE…

We’ll be limiting it to the first 30 registrations we get, so you might want to fill this right now because you may not have access again

Who is this
opportunity for?

- Businesses that have existed for 6 months and above.

- Must have a physical address (This is because your address will be listed in Google maps too)

- Must be on social media already
That's all!

Selected business will e featured
on our Business Directory

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More visibility for your business = more patronage of your offers.


Applications for this feature has closed but you can now list your business for FREE on our premier business directory – SearchAbility Africa