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Green Media Ads help organizations improve their performance in marketing, brands communication and sales. We bank on competence to deliver sustainable results thereby increasing the rate of consumer satisfaction whilst maximizing for profitability and growth.

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Green Media Ads - Value-Added Services​

Value-Added Services

Our web platforms provides an advertising space to a range of organizations and individuals yet impacting and assisting the public on best business models, marketing and sales strategy.

We hope to leverage all available tools to groom SMB's, Startups and Entrepreneurs in setting up, sustaining and scaling their businesses.


A great place to acquire knowledge and also enhance your digital marketing skills. There is customer service.
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Miracle Uche
Need professionals to handle your SMEs and brand? Green Media Ads is the answer
Egbe Patience
Green Media Ads is created to set a pace to your online goals - You can always reach out for her Business services in Consulting | Marketing | Branding & Communication | Networking and more.
Gift Vincent
Gift Vincent

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At Green Media Ads, we've had the pleasure of designing, developing and implementing awesome projects for a wide range of brands and professional firms.